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Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School District 307



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Reading, writing, and communication are three foundational pieces our students will need wherever their life after high school may lead.  Because we are the only department that students are required to take courses from during all four years of high school, we take seriously our role in preparing students for the post-secondary world.  While we know that every student sitting in our classrooms will not share the same passion for literature or writing that their English teacher does, we do hope that by utilizing a variety of teaching strategies, integrating technology, and incorporating a balance of classic and current literature, our students will come to appreciate what the world has to offer them and learn how they can contribute to that same world.  Whether a student chooses to attend a post-secondary school or enter the workforce, the English teachers at BBCHS strive to empower them to be creative and critical thinkers that explore diverse perspectives and discover their own pathway to success.  



English Courses
by Grade level


Foundation of English/L.A
English I
Pre-AP English 1
Public Speaking



English II
English II (Honors)
Creative Writing
Poetry Seminar
Public Speaking
Mass Communications I


English III
A.P. English Lang/Comp
Creative Writing
Poetry Seminar
Public Speaking
Mass Communications I
Mass Communications II


English IV
A.P. English Lit/Comp
Creative Writing
Poetry Seminar
Public Speaking
Mass Communications I
Mass Communications II


Grammar Websites

The links on this page are to various interactive grammar websites. Use these sites for extra practice and to learn different grammar rules.

Language Arts - Go Grammar: This site has a variety of games that review grammar rules. The majority of them review parts of speech and punctuation rules. 

The Internet Grammar of English: This site has a list of grammar rules with some practice exercises. Parts of Speech, phrases, and clauses are the primary elements discussed. 

The Teacher's Cafe: This website has a number of grammar links that review a variety of grammar concepts including parts of speech, phrases and clauses, sentence structure, run ons and fragments, and punctuation.

Game Zone: Another website with games that cover a variety of grammar rules. 

D'Youville College Online Writing Lab: This website explains parts of speech, sentence structure, and run-ons and fragments with practice exercises. 

Towson University: This site covers most grammar topics. The EXERCISE link has tons of interactive practice exercises. 

Kim's Korner for Teacher Talk: This site covers many of the punctuation rules in a very basic language. 

Grammar Revolution: This website has explanations of many of the grammar rules. Use the navigation pane on the left to select your topic.



The following links are to external websites that can provide information and assistance with the paper writing process. 

Purdue OWL MLA Citation Guide: This site includes a complete guide to the MLA process, how to write MLA in-text citations, and how to create a works cited page. 

A+ Research and Writing for High School & College Students: This site has a step-by-step guide that walks you through the entire essay writing process. 

Online Research for High School and College Students: This site addresses the concept of website credibility and discusses ways to evaluate a website for accuracy and credibility. 

What Makes a Good Literature Paper?: An article from the Purdue Owl website that discusses important components in a quality term paper.

Writing a Literary Analysis Essay: This link is to a slide show that discusses how to write a literary analysis essay and all of the required components. 



ENGLISH TEACHERS (BBCHS Main Line 815-937-3707 then enter the extension number for the teacher)

Last Name First Email Title Phone
Belseth Christa CBelseth@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6209
Carey Kelly KCarey@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6215
Coppenbarger Mary MCoppenbarger@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6205
Darling Erin EDarling@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6223
D'Aversa Chelsea CDaversa@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6206
Fightmaster Jill JFightmaster@bbchs.org Teacher/Division Chair ext. 6202
Gould Danny DGould@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6203
Gross Geoffrey GGross@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6212
Jaenicke Jessica JJaenicke@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6217
Kanak Gene GKanak@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6211
LeDuke Jennifer JLeDuke@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6524
McGowen Karen KMcGowen@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6213
Morgan Dave DMorgan@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6214
Nevills Kyle KNevills@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6207
Peterson Brooke BPeterson@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6220
Ravn Laneah LRavn@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6204
Smothers Andrew ASmothers@bbchs.org Teacher ext. 6221