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Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School District 307

Academic Foundation


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Scholarships reward and open doors for hard-working students by providing them with the financial assistance they need for tuition, books, housing and other college expenses. :

The BBCHS Academic Foundation Scholarship ($1000) 
Gene Goselin Memorial Scholarship ($500)
The Todd Hildebrand Memorial Scholarship ($750) 
Maria Arseneau Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) 
Ron Wagner Memorial Scholarship ($500)
James Stevens Music Awards ($500) 
Steve Themer Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)


New for the 2019-2020 school year, scholarships offered through BBCHS and the Academic Foundation may be applied for through a single application. The application will open for submissions on October 1 and all submissions must be finalized by March 4, 2020.

The application may be accessed at: bit.ly/BBScholarships. You must be logged in to your BBCHS Google account to access the application.

The BBCHS Academic Foundation Scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving senior. Past winners of the scholarship are: 

2000 - Amber Vadeboncoeur 

2001 - Jessica Gaumond 

2002 - Monica Stacey 

2003 - Jessica Wulff 

2004 - Amy Minas 

2005 - Ryan Notton 

2006 - Hannah Tumblin 

2007 - Danielle Borschnack 

2008 - Keisha Hollis 

2009 - Katherine Meyer 

2010 - Katherine Delmore 

2011 - Garrett DuCharme 

2012 - Kayla Hyde

2013 - Debra Jensen & Zachary Themer

2014 - Michael Goodman & Philip O'Connell

2015 - Christopher Bayston & Spencer Norwick

2016 - Jenna Howard & Adam Schroeder

2017 - Anthony Nepomuceno & Frankie Ann Schripsema

2018 - Maggie Barclay & Catherine Gray

2019 - Shea Atkins & Joi Strickland

2020 - Dylan Regnier-Jamnik & Lucas Regnier-Jamnik

In 2004, the Veterans' Appreciation Scholarship was established. Students who have a parent, guardian, grandparent or sibling that has served in the past or is presently serving in any branch of the U.S. military are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Past winners are: 

2004 - Kimberly Hardy 

2005 - Christopher Paolinetti 

2006 - Jillian Gindy 

2007 - Nicole Wilcox 

2008 - Dominik Dubravec 

2009 - Tanya Maier 

2010 - Elizabeth Rowland 

2011 - Benedict Dubravec 

2012 - Elizabeth Langyher

2013 - Dominique Walker

2014 - Ashley Johnson

2015 - Julia Bollwitt

2016 - Ryan Guerin

​2017 - Nicholas Blanchette

2018 - Rebecca Walz 

2019 - Jackson Dupuis

2020 - Abigail Chinski

In 2004, the Donald K. and Dixie M. Turner Memorial Scholarship was established for students who plan to study education. Don Turner served BBCHS for 35 years, retiring in 1998 as Superintendent. Dr. Dixie Turner was an instructor at Olivet Nazarene University. Past winners are: 

2004 - Emily Forbes 

2005 - Elen Sultan 

2006 - Emily Saathoff 

2007 - Anna Benoit 

2008 - Kristin Burch 

2009 - Jarrod Huggins 

2010 - Bailey Mann 

2011 - Robin Higgins 

2012 - Jessica LeSage

2013 - Emma Wieliczko

2014 - Nathan Giacchino

2015 - McKenna Carrell

2016 - Ashlyn Carnes

​2017 - Corbin LaGesse

2018 - August Munoz

2019 - Logan Harrington

2020 - Jordan Garbaciak

Joe Wertz was a 1950 graduate of BBCHS. As a student, he participated in the school newspaper, annual staff, thespians, chorus, student council, basketball, football, baseball and track. Joe attended Purdue University for two semesters (on a scholarship), then served four years in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean conflict. Joe's love of athletics led him to become a referee and umpire for basketball, baseball, softball and football. The Joseph H. Wertz, Class of 1950 Scholarship was established by Joe's family and many friends. Past winners are: 

2006 - Rebecca Rusk 

2007 - Christine Malmer 

2008 - Joel Osbourne 

2009 - Casey Jordan 

2010 - Kaleigh Martin 

2011 - Olivia Donley 

2012 - Meghan Cotsones 

2013 - Morgan Chaney

2014 - Jamie Sarkozi

2015 - Samantha Zahrobsky

2016 - Danielle Drazen

​2017 - Sydney Jennings

2018 - Kassidy Morrow & Lauren Smarjesse 

2019 - Nina Bennett

2020 - Jisela Santos

Marvin Gereaux was a 1950 graduate of BBCHS. He was an IHSA umpire for football, basketball, baseball, girl's softball and church leagues for over 40-years in the Kankakee County Area. Marvin was a member of the 1949-50 Elite 8, Sweet-Sixteen Basketball Champions. In February of 1993, Marvin was inducted into the BBCHS Hall of Fame. The Marvin Gereaux Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to the following students: 

2008 - Emily Throop

2009 - Nolan Grace

2010 - Ben Clark

2011 - Elizabeth Wilson

2012 - Lauren King

2013 - Darian Ward

2014 - Mason LeMay

2015 - Kenton Andrews

2016 - Sydney Ferris

2017 - Danielle Kennedy

2018 - Nicholas Nemeth 

2019 - Dylan Stenzinger

2020 - Gaetana Davis


In 2018 the Gene Goselin Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Gene Goselin.  Gene was a 1964 graduate of Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School and distinguished himself in three varsity sports, earning 8 varsity letters.  Gene displayed his superior athletic ability most in the sports of basketball and baseball.  Gene held himself to a high academic standard and valued the benefits gained from participating in athletics.  After completing high school, he graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois in 1968 on an academic and athletic scholarship.  Gene had an extremely successful career, retiring as Financial Advisor/Senior Vice President of Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors in Bourbonnais.

            2018 - Grace Pallissard & Jordan O'Neal

            2019 - Logan Harrington & Joi Strickland

            2020 - McKenna Fred & Garrett Metzger

The Charles R. Hawker Memorial Scholarship was established in loving memory and honor of husband and father, Charles Hawker. Charles was born and raised in Kankakee. He and his wife Jacalyn raised four children, three of whom graduated from Bradley-Bourbonnais Community and the 4th will be a junior in the fall of 2011. Mr. Hawker graduated with high honors from both Culver Military Academy and Dartmouth College. He was owner and President of Illinois Fabricators, Inc. located in Bradley. 

2008 - Brooke McClure

2009 - Soniya Vasanwala

2010 - Zach Wadley

2011 - Suraj Batish

2012 - Susan Oo

2013 - Sagar Batish

2014 - Rachel Thorson

2015 - Cole Breitenbucher

2016 - Brooke Frazier

2018 - Landen LeDuke 

2019 - Elizabeth Schriner

2020 - Elizabeth Noble

Jimmy & Mileen Joines along with their sons Adam '06 and Alex '10 who graduated from BBCHS with high honors, established the Joines Family Scholarship for Business Majors in 2011. By offering their scholarship, they hope to encourage and assist students who pursue a degree in a business related field.

2011 - Jacob Beach

2012 - Cody Williams

2013 - Zachary Gifford

2014 - Alaina Boudreau

2015 - Michael Mateja

2016 - Bhavin Patel

2017 - Kali Latty

2018 - Christian Straw

2019 - Connor Boudreau

2020 - D'Angelo Alvarado


The Kenn Klette Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Kenn Klette, a former soccer coach at BBCHS. Although Kenn's career was primarily spent as a biochemist at CSL Behring, he also spent many years coaching soccer; first for his sons at the YMCA, County West and Bishop McNamara. At BBCHS he coached both boys and girls teams. Kenn enjoyed working with both the BBCHS coaching staff and athletes.


            2013 - Adam Beach
            2014 - Ryan Brodien

            2015 - Sydney White

            2016 - Brianna Hollowell

​            2017 - Nolan Wade

            2018 - Alexis Keener

            2019 - Britten Mietzner

             2020 - Allison Zimmer


The Maria Arseneau Memorial Scholarship was established this year, 2017, by her husband Tim Arseneau, their family, BBCHS family and friends to encourage in others her love of learning language. Maria spent 18 years teaching Spanish at Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School.  In her time here, she brought her love of language, culture and life into her classroom.  Both as a teacher and Spanish Club sponsor, she positively influenced thousands of students to be successful and realize their full potential. For Senora, her students were her life.  Even though she died suddenly in 2017, her legacy will live on.  Each scholarship is for $1,000.

            2017 - Margaret Goodman & Blake Bradley

            2018 - Alexis Fischer & Lauren Smarjesse 

            2019 - Megan Kijewski & Kevin O'Gorman

             2020 - Lucas Regnier-Jamnik


The Todd A. Hildebrand Memorial Scholarship was established by his wife Anna Alexander-Hildebrand, their family, and friends to honor Todd’s spirit that lives on through all the lives he has touched. Todd was a 1985 graduate of BBCHS, and a member of the varsity basketball team. All three of the Hildebrand children: Jacob, Matthew, and Hannah all played varsity soccer at BBCHS. Todd’s love was his wife, his kids, their friends, and the young people of our community. His heart was dedicated to helping others succeed in life. 

            2017 - Justin Fritz

            2018 - Brandon Wray

            2019 - Zoie Langlois

             2020 - Allison Zimmer


The BBCHS Academic Foundation is proud to award the James Stevens Music Award established in 2018.  BBCHS sophomore, junior and/or senior band or orchestra students who have qualified to participate in the ILMEA All-State Band, Orchestra or Jazz Band are awarded $500 by the chairman of the Fine Arts Department at the May concert .  There is not a limit each year to the number of students who can qualify for this scholarship.

            2018 - Jordan Garbaciak & Sarah Hourihan

            2019 - Jordan Garbaciak & Sarah Hourihan

             2020 - Jordan Garbaciak, Sarah Hourihan & Thomas Musgrave


In 2019 the Craig Blake Memorial Scholarship was established by the BBCHS Academic Foundation in memory of the Executive Director's husband. Craig was a Physical Education teacher and coach in the Kankakee School District 111 for 40 years.  His heart was dedicated to teaching students and his joy was watching them grow, learn and become successful young adults.

           2020 - Gave Renchen


Alumni from the classes of 1966 & 1967 established the Vietnam Memorial Scholarship in honor of all who served in the Vietnam War and in memory of the former BBCHS students who made the ultimate sacrifice. A special plaque is on permanent display at the high school with the engraved names of our high school's fallen soldiers: Army Sgt. John Charles Howland, Marine LCPL Kenneth Carl Johnson, Army Lt. Jeffrey Andrew Hults, Marine LCPL Ronald Neil Sample, Navy BM3 Daniel Lee Overright, Army SP4 Robert Charles Houseman, Army Sgt. Robert Martin Goselin, Army SSGT Dennis Michael Rattin. 

2012 - Neha Chandan

2013 - Zachary Gifford

2014 - Emily Nepomuceno

2015 - Megan Fox

2016 - Gabrielle Chinski

​2017 - Ravina Vasanwala & Thuy Le

2018 Jessica Echeverria


Vera, .J. and Barry Amiano established the Bryan W. Amiano Memorial Scholarship for History Majors in tribute to their son and brother, Bryan. The Scholarship is offered to students intending to major in history at a four-year college or university. Bryan '78, had a lifelong love of history, furthering his passion through continued study, travel and reading. The scholarship will be awarded for the first time to a 2012 senior. 

2012 - Emilty Wilcox
2013 - Nicole Lehning
2014 - Sean Varner
2015 - Heather Funk

2016 - Mitchell Mahnke


Nicole Marie Sunberg was a dedicated, hard-working student. She possessed an open mind and was always eager to learn. In her short life, Nicole achieved many great accomplishments. She was a member of the National Honor Society, an Illinois State Scholar, the President of Students Helping Students, an honor roll student every semester at BBCHS, danced with the dance team, a member of both Chamber and Jazz Choirs and performed in 8 musical theater productions. In her life and in her death, Nicole had a powerful and positive impact on many lives. It is in this spirit, that Nicole's parents established the Nicole Marie Sunberg Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship. The scholarship is available to BBCHS seniors who have maintained a 3.5 G.P.A. or better for all 4 years of high school AND who have participated in one or more of the Fine Arts Programs while a student at BBCHS. Past winners are: 

2005 - Natalie Sauch 

2006 - Ashley Mulligan 

2007 - Adam White 

2008 - Rebecca Williams 

2009 - Rachel Strysik 

2010 - Sarah Fitzpatrick 

2011 - Christine St. Louis 

2012 - Jordan Thornton
2013 - Patrick Lord-Remmert
2014 - Amy Jeck
2015 - Helen Berdebes

2016 - Jordan Ritter


Would you be interested in sponsoring a scholarship? A scholarship bearing your name or the name of a person you would like to honor is a way to invest in the young adults of this community. Is agriculture important to you? Political Science? Computer Programming? Fine Arts? You may designate a field of study for which your scholarship will be used.

For more details, contact Laurie Blake, BBCHS Foundation Executive Director, 815-937-3707, ext. 6003.