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Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School District 307

Academic Foundation


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Current Classroom Grants & Activities

The BBCHS Academic Foundation wishes to thank the financial supporters that have made the following classroom grants possible in recent school years:

The BBCHS Robotics Team was awarded a $10,000 grant again in the 2020-21 school year. Over the past five years BBCHS Robotics team has helped start 5 new teams in the area. 227 different students have been a part of the Ironclad experience over 5 years. The Academic Foundation is the Number 1 supporter of the Robotics team. 

The Family and Consumer Sciences Department received a grant for $3359 for equipment needed for Baking and Fashion Apparel. Students will be able to create bakery style cakes and pastries.  Students and Teachers will have updated equipment to create projects.

The Academic Foundation is happy to partner with District 307 and the Curriculum Department with their initiative to bring Racial Literacy & Equity Education to BBCHS. A $5,880 grant was awarded for a Diversity & Equity in Education certificate of specialization for one of BB's teachers. The certification is focused on social-justice. The educator will learn transformative approaches for diversity and equity issues that will be used to enlighten BBCHS staff and students.

The Theater Department received a $10,000 grant for the purchase of  24 wireless microphones. The ability to purchase these microphones is a game changer for the Pre-AP Theater class as well as the Theater Department. The theater program has grown to be a bit of a crown jewel for our Bradley-Bourbonnais communities, with upwards of 10,000 audience members filling our seats in a given year. The revenue the theater department will recognize next year after securing the microphones will be invested directly into educational opportunities for our students.

BBCHS Robotics Team received a $10,000 grant for the continued expansion and growth of the (FTC) First Tech Challenge and (FRC) First Robotics Competition teams. Students will fund, design, build, troubleshoot, market, and field a competitive robot by partnering with local mentors in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

The Special Education Transition Classroom (Ignite program and Senior Life Skills) received a $900 grant for the purchase of  four virtual reality glasses to gain realistic experience in a wide variety of career areas.The goggles will help students determine what careers interest them and plan accordingly for their future.

The Special Education Department received a $650 grant for the purchase of  Academic Reward Bumper Stickers. Students strive to improve their grades in order to receive an Academic Reward bumper sticker that their family can proudly display.

The Science Department received a $4,000 grant for the purchase of  eight document cameras. The classroom document cameras help teachers demonstrate science manipulatives, model student work and display 2D and 3D objects. Students can easily view other student's work and critique that work in order to improve their understanding of the content.   

The BBCHS Robotics Team received a $10,000 grant which was used to help purchase tools to build a new robot, and for registration costs to enter competitions for their forth year of competition. This young team made it to the World Champions competition for a fourth year in a row. The team was awarded the prestigious Chairman Award this year. 

Family and Consumer Science received a $7,000 grant sharing the cost of a commercial embroidery machine. Students in Fashion Apparel I and II will develop marketable textile industry skills by designing digital images utilizing digitizing software and transferring the design to textile products using the commercial embroidery machine,.

The Fine Arts Department's newest course offering of Guitar and Ukulele was awarded a $350 grant. Students attended a "Day of Guitar" at Vandercook College of Music in Chicago where their enthusiasm for guitar was sparked. It was a great opportunity for the students to meet and make music with musicians from other schools.

The Special Education Department was awarded a grant in the amount of $7,628 sharing the cost for Flexible Seating. Providing a variety of seating, which is student choice driven, will increase student engagement and productivity for students with varying abilities: Specific Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Bi-Polar Disorder.

Three Student Service Projects shared a $1,000 grant which include the following service projects: Project Plush, Flower Power and and Ecological Garden.

Best Buddies received a grant for $1,200.  The grant helped fund the cost of the Brittany Maier Inclusion Tour & Front and Center Concert that was held in September in the BBCHS Auditorium. Brittany, known as the world's top female savant pianist, provided three concerts in total. The concert brought awareness of talents of special needs people to our community.

Red Surge received a $250 grant for a new hammer for Bruno! Our school mascot was in need of a replacement hammer and with the help of six Ironclad BBCHS students Bruno's hammer now has LED lights and electronics that make it stand out at the many school and athletic events that Bruno visits.

Best Buddies received a $1,300 grant to send two student leaders to the Annual Best Buddies Leadership Conference in Bloomington Indiana this past summer.  The purpose of the conference is to help student leaders improve their local chapter. The BBCHS Best Buddies has over 200 active members.

The AP Computer Science Class received a $445 grant which they used to purchase 5 programmable robots (the Finch).  The project taught students programming concepts, input and output, how to observe physical results from their programs.

The Physical Education Department was awarded $3,836 for R.A.D. training. Four teachers attended a three day seminar for Rape Aggression Defense Systems training. They successfully completed the course and are certified to teach female self-defense to better prepare our students to avoid conflict and to protect themselves when conflict cannot be avoided.

The English Department received a $654 grant for the "Empathy for All" project. A library of books was purchased to share their belief that greater empathy is needed toward of diverse learners academically, socially, and emotionally. The books will be used in classrooms with students and during in-service days with teachers.

Student Service Project Bourbonnais Park Beautification through a tree planting project lead by students, Emily & Andrew Phelps and under the guidance of her parents Mr. & Mrs. Jim Phelps. The student grant was awarded in the amount of $500. With the help of five students and five parents they planted 112 trees! This was a great way to replenishing the parks trees and making the parks more attractive. 

Student Service Project "Words of Wisdom" project dedicated to providing an educational and entertaining library to an underfunded nursing home in order to help a small but important part of our community. Freshmen students, Allison O'Gorman, Faith Quigley, and Connie Vi, receive a grant for $400 to create a library of books to be enjoyed by the Senior Citizens at a local nursing home.