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Adam Vogel

The Physical Education and Wellness department offers courses in health, physical fitness, and driver’s education.  Through a variety of physical education offerings. Students have the opportunity to choose activities that involve lifelong fitness, dance, outdoor recreation, competitive sports, aquatics, or strength and conditioning. Physical Education and Wellness’ goal is to provide quality physical education that empowers all students to learn, develop and apply the skills needed for daily participation in fitness and lifetime activities. 

Physical Education Courses by Grade Level

  • Grade 9

  • Grade 10

  • Grade 11

  • Grade 12

Physical Education Teachers

Name Email Extension
Brian Anderson ext. 6151
Liz Bart ext. 6155
Kyle Boudreau ext. 6152
Amy Cook ext. 6164
Kevin Downey ext. 6154
Jeremy Flowers ext. 6157
Katie Lindo ext. 6165
Amy Nehls ext. 6163
Leigh Reiniche ext. 6156
Jen Savoie
Brad Schweigert ext. 6159
Bryan Smith ext. 6161
Jeff Stanek ext. 6162
Adam Vogel ext. 6160