Message from the Division Chair

Phone: (815) 937-3707 ext. 6516


Degrees and Certifications:

Kevin Peterson

Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School is proud to offer a full continuum of special education programs and services to individuals with identified disabilities. Students have learning opportunities in the least restrictive environment with highly qualified teachers. If you have a concern with your teen’s academic progress, please contact your school counselor to discuss interventions to enhance your teen’s high school experience.

Our school has a long history of non-discrimination of students regardless of race, color, ethnic origin, sex or disability. BBCHS has embraced the Best Buddies Program which pairs individuals with disabilities with non-disabled peers to enhance social opportunities. We also have many students participating in general education activities and sports, as well as Special Olympics. The best thing about BBCHS is our students!!

  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Science

  • CTE

Special Education Staff

Last Name First Name Position Email Extension
Dockery Sierra Vision
Middlebrook Elizabeth Psychologist ext.
Neumann Heather Social Worker ext. 6053
Powell Kristen Social Worker ext. 6056
Schnepp Amber Psychologist ext. 6043
Swank Jen Social Worker ext. 6052
Toole Roselin Speech Pathologist ext. 6054

Special Education Teachers

Last Name First Name Email Extension
Bardach Brittany ext. 6509
Bess Kaelyn ext. 6504
Carroll Meghan ext. 6501
Chinn Alexa ext. 6526
Davis-Long Carleen ext. 6508
Downey Abby ext. 6503
Drake Paul ext. 6505
Dudek Freddie ext. 6506
Dudek Jena ext. 6522
Duval Dana ext. 6519
Grund Brian ext. 6510
Hammond Amanda ext. 6507
Kubicki Jana ext. 6512
LeDuke Jennifer ext. 6524
Maciejewski Kevin ext. 6529
Marin Idalia ext. 6527
McCord Ashley ext.
Moore Jackie ext. 6531
Morris Mia ext.
Schultz Paige ext. 6517
Peterson Kevin ext. 6516
Rudniski Molly ext. 6532
Ryan Craig ext. 6518
Schumer Ellen ext. 6521
Soosh Sam ext. 6514


Last Name First Name Email
Arthur Rhonda
Brumitt Debbie
Caron Susan
Gifford Sherri
Green Karen
Hamilton Margie
Hasenmeyer Ashley
Heddins Becky
Jackson Joyce
Jones Tammy
Klimchuk John
Lamie Justine
LeSage Amelia
Nesselrodt Logan
O'Connor Morgan
Pomijie Randy
Shule Ryelie
Stroud Cynthia
Wilson Sherri
Wolffe Sue