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Dana Romano

Language remains an important element of cultures around the world, allowing for localized expression while fostering a sense of community across migrated peoples. The World Languages department at BBCHS provides instruction to enable students to communicate effectively in another language, to understand the cultures that support that language, to connect language study to other academic disciplines, and to appreciate globalization as it increases across the human experience.

Students at BBCHS can study Spanish and other languages through APEX courses. The curricula for Spanish, specifically, is designed to define the central role of world language in the learning career of every student. This is outlined in the ACTFL standards that establishes an important link between communication and culture that allow our students to be part of local and global communities. Students desiring study at advanced levels may take more ownership of the language, culminating in coursework at the AP level.

World Language Teachers

Last Name First Name Email Phone
Allison Jessica ext. 6302
Freytes Allison ext. 6305
Marin Idalia ext. 6527
Oleshko Kim ext. 6303
Trevino Shelli ext. 6304
Vieceli Megan ext. 6307