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Jill Fightmaster

Reading, writing, and communication are three foundational pieces our students will need wherever their life after high school may lead.  Because we are the only department that students are required to take courses from during all four years of high school, we take seriously our role in preparing students for the post-secondary world.  While we know that every student sitting in our classrooms will not share the same passion for literature or writing that their English teacher does, we do hope that by utilizing a variety of teaching strategies, integrating technology, and incorporating a balance of classic and current literature, our students will come to appreciate what the world has to offer them and learn how they can contribute to that same world.  Whether a student chooses to attend a post-secondary school or enter the workforce, the English teachers at BBCHS strive to empower them to be creative and critical thinkers that explore diverse perspectives and discover their own pathway to success. 

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English Teachers

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Christa Belseth ext. 6209
Kelly Carey ext. 6215
Mary Coppenbarger ext. 6205
Erin Darling ext. 6223
Chelsea D'Aversa ext. 6206
Jill Fightmaster ext. 6202
Danny Gould ext. 6203
Geoffrey Gross ext. 6212
Jessica Jaenicke ext. 6217
Hannah Karkos ext. 6221
Karen McGowen ext. 6213
Dave Morgan ext. 6214
Kyle Nevills ext. 6207
Brooke Peterson ext. 6220
Laneah Ravn ext. 6204
Tess Wallace ext. 6211