Director of Communications and Community Engagement

Phone: (815) 937-3707 ext. 6012


Degrees and Certifications:

Callie Kant

Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School District 307 serves not only its parents and students, but the community as a whole. BBCHS is committed to open, honest, and timely communication. We believe that maintaining a two-way conversation with our stakeholders is essential for building relationships. Our department shares information through a variety of channels to ensure effective communication for all. 




Social Media Terms of Service

  • District 307’s social media platforms are used as a tool to inform our community of achievements, happenings, and updates. The District reserves the right to turn off comments on any post. When comments are turned on, we expect comments posted to be respectful, factual, and relevant. Posts that do not meet the expectations below will be deleted. If more than one post by the same individual must be deleted, the District may block that individual from the page.


    Violations include:


    District 307 is not responsible for content posted by others. Any comments and opinions expressed by members of the public are theirs alone and do not reflect the opinions of the district or its employees. Social media users that enter personal information on district social media sites do so at their own risk; the district is not responsible for the public display of private information. Such information may be removed from the district’s social media sites, but neither District 307, nor its licensors or contractors are responsible for any damage caused by delays in such removal.