• The pathway consists of metrics that will lead to one of three phases, each defined by a specific number of students participating in daily in-person learning. Movement from one model to another is accomplished through the metrics or availability of a vaccine. An assessment using the metrics listed below will be completed, and the superintendent of the district will determine the appropriate phase to be used by the district for the three weeks following the assessment.

    Below you will find a set of metrics that have been revised and updated in order to provide consistency for our students, staff, and families. 

     Learning Model Metrics

    Model Determination: 

    1. Full vaccine cycle has been made available to staff, the PHASE II: All Non-Remote Students will be instituted.
    2. If both Weekly County Case Rate and Weekly Positivity Rate are in the Substantial Transmission group, the 7-Day (Calendar Day) Remote Pause will be instituted, then return to PHASE I.
    3. If at any point the District is not able to safely staff the school with teachers or essential support staff, a Temporary Remote Pause may be implemented.