• Students will be released at 1:10pm on these days. Our faculty meet in course teams in the afternoon and work collaboratively through our curricular process. This process allows our faculty to ensure our students are receiving the best instruction in each course. 

    ● Lunch will be provided at 1:15pm for all students who choose to stay. Students can leave at 1:10pm if they choose.

    ● Buses will run regular routes at 1:15pm. Additionally, buses will run routes again at 2:55pm for students who stay for lunch and for our third slot KACC students.

    ● Only students who stay for lunch will be permitted to ride the 2:55pm bus. Once students leave campus after 1:10pm, they must find their own way home.


  • All early release days are on Wednesday. 

    September 7
    September 21
    October 5
    October 19
    November 2
    November 16
    December 7
    January 4
    January 18
    February 1
    February 15
    March 1
    March 15
    April 5
    April 19
    May 3
    June 7