1. Create a culture where promptness is valued (increased seat time).
    2. Create a culture where unstructured time is minimized (passing periods).
    3. Create a culture where instructional time is maximized (limit hallway passes during class).


    • Knowing that mistakes happen and some things are inevitable, students will receive five accumulated warning tardies (regardless of class) prior to a detention being issued.
    • The amount of tardies a student has accumulated will be reset to zero on March 14.
    • Upon the sixth accumulated tardy, a student will receive a 45 minute detention. 
    • Unserved discipline will result in progressive disciplinary action.
    • Parent meetings will occur beginning at tardy 10 and subsequent multiples of ten.
    • During lunch periods, students are tardy to the cafeteria if they are not in the hallway immediately outside the cafeteria.
    • PE students are tardy if they are not in the East or North Gym locker room at the tardy bell. 
    • East and West gates will be closed and locked at 7:55am. Students arriving afterward will need to enter the building through the main entrance on North St.
    • A student arriving at school after 8:00am will report to the Main Lobby tardy kiosk, be given a pass to first hour, and be marked tardy in Infinite Campus.
    • A student arriving at school after 8:20am will be disciplined for skipping, receive a pass, and sent to class.

Hallway Sweeps

    • At the sound of the bell, teachers will close the classroom door and begin instruction.
    • A student who arrives to class after the bell without a pass is to be sent to the closest tardy kiosk to receive a pass. A tardy pass will be given to the student to enter the classroom. The tardy will be recorded in Infinite Campus. 
    • The tardy will count as one of the accumulated tardies and a detention will be awarded if the student has reached the 6th tardy of the semester or beyond.

Kiosk Locations

  • First Floor:
    Main Lobby (8:00am only)
    East Hallway at Special Services
    North Hallway at Cleveland Entrances

    Second Floor:
    West Hallway at SS 10-12
    North Hallway at Cardio Room

Additional Details

    • Tardies will begin to accumulate on January 5 for both non-sweep and sweep processes.
    • Sweeps on January 5, 6, and 7 will be announced so all can adjust to the new process. 
    • Beginning January 10, sweeps will NOT be announced to the student body. 
    • The school will utilize our phone dialing system to communicate to parents that a tardy was recorded.

Detention Locations

    • 7:10am - 7:55am (W229) 
    • 3:05pm - 3:50pm W229)
    • Lunch detention (E105) can be used to serve the detention. These detentions will last the entire period (all of 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th hours).