Demographics - 2011 vs. 2020

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  • *all reported data comes from the Illinois State Board of Education

School and Student Data

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    School Data


    As we move forward, BBCHS will continue to allign our systems and processes where equity is a priority. Through continuous improvement, we are committed to building and environment where diversity is valued, families are appreciated, and each student is respected, encouraged, and supported in achieving educational outcomes. 

    Students who pass first semester courses:
    All Students - 89%
    BIPOC Students - 79%

    Students who earn college career readiness score on the SAT Math:
    All Students - 25%
    BIPOC Students - 11%

    Students who earn college career rediness score on the SAT English:
    All Students - 54%

    Juniors enrolled in Algebra II or higher math:
    All Students - 70%
    BIPOC Students - 71%

    Juniors enrolled in Physics or higher science: 
    All Students - 83%
    BIPOC Students - 82%

    Students enrolled in one or more AP course during their high school career: 
    All Students - 58%
    BIPOC Students - 59%

    *BIPOC - Black and Indigenous People of Color