District Equity Goals

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     Goal of Equity

    1. Equity Centered Policies and Procedures - The administrators and school board will endure the goal of equity for all students is integrated into policies and procedures.  All policies written will empower all students on their pathway to success.  Impartial, non judgemental, and fair policies and procedures will ensure that all students receive the tools and resources they need to develop their full academic potential. 

    2. Equitable Access 
      • Pre-AP® courses for all students on the freshman and sophomore levels to prepare all students for Advanced Placement Coursework as upperclassmen. 
      • Access for students with IEPs to Pre-AP and AP Coursework and support to help them succeed. 
      • Partner with Equal Opportunity Schools to ensure equitable access to Advanced Placement Coursework for all students. 
      • Ongoing supports to ensure that increased number of students 
      • 4 year planning in Student Support office to develop clear post secondary plan 
      • Specialized support for first generation college students 
      • Tier 2 and 3 supports for students in Math and English Language Arts 

    3. Equitable Accessible Curriculum and Instructional Practices
      • Development of Pre-AP Program
      • Increase AP offerings 
      • Curriculum revised on a continuous improvement basis to ensure all needs are being met
      • Diversity Audits of Resources to ensure that resources reflect multiple perspectives
      • 1:1 Chromebook technology with internet access provided to those in need

    4. Improving Professional Practice
      • Courageous Conversation about Race Professional Development 
      • BBStaff who are affiliate practitioners of Courageous Conversations about Race 
      • Equity Literacy Institute Professional Development 
      • Equity Team activities around Instruction, systems, and community involvement 
      • Equity Focused book studies and academies
      • Instructional Coaches trained in coaching for equity

    5. Equitable systems of support
      • Multi Tiered Systems of Support providing positive, equitable, and inclusive learning environments 
      • AP Orientation to prepare student to take AP Courses 
      • AP Support Plan Process 
      • AP Success Coaching 
      • Communication in preferred language 
      • Advancing educational equity through social emotional learning 
      • Student Support Teams (Assistant Principals, counselors, and social workers)