What to do if your student...

  • Tests Positive for COVID-19:
    Please notify the school nurse of the symptom onset date to excuse any absences needed.They should remain at home for 5 days or until symptoms have improved. They should not be present within 24 hours of having a fever, diarrhea or emesis.

    It is highly recommended that you wear a mask, for the 10 days after symptom onset, while around others.

    Is Symptomatic:
    Please call attendance for absences due to illnesses or doctor’s appointments that do not need further attention from the school nurse.

    If you suspect that the symptoms are those of COVID-19 please call the school nurse to excuse your child’s absences. These students should return to school after the 5th day of illness, with a negative COVID test, or with improved symptoms.

    Has had close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19:
    Monitor for symptoms. If the probability of contracting COVID is high (i.e. household members, caretaker) and would like to remain home out of precaution to monitor for symptoms, please notify the school nurse to have their attendance excused.