Valiant Women X Spread the Word: Inclusion

March 3, 2021

  • This week we get the opportunity to partner with Best Buddies as BBCHS celebrates Spread the Word: Inclusion together. Spread the Word is a global campaign working towards inclusion for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. All week BBCHS is bringing awareness to INCLUSION and how we as a community can work toward this goal together.
    The spotlights you will see below are all participants in our Best Buddies organization. We asked each of them a variety of different questions about our theme for this month, Valiant Women. Their responses are beautiful and thought provoking. We invite you to take a few moments to read their stories below. Then take a moment to consider, what does the word inclusion mean to you, and how can we celebrate this today?
  • Shreeta Vachhani

  • BUDDY PAIRING! Payton Kohl & Tori Oscuhowski

  • Julia McManimen

  • Kate Mountain

  • Gianna Kohl

Valiant Women X BBCHS Athletics

March 10, 2021

  • For today’s Women’s History Month Student Spotlights we get the opportunity to partner with BBCHS Athletics. Our athletic program is full of valiant and talented women. We asked coaches to feature a student who exhibits valiance on their team for each season. Due to the amount of excellence in our athletics program, getting coaches to narrow their nomination down to just one athlete was a challenging task. We are excited to announce a few of the valiant women involved in BBCHS Athletics.

  • Abby Moore - Swimming

  • Abigail Elliot - Water Polo

  • Alaina Bahr - Cross Country

  • Alyssa McCord - Dance

  • Anna Hammes - Badminton

  • Desiree Moore - Golf

  • Emma Smith - Cheer

  • Faith Davis - Basketball

  • Finley Westover - Track

  • Gianna Basile - Volleyball

  • Hailey Brooks - Bowling

  • Mattigan Yuska - Softball

  • Syanah Campbell - Cheer

  • Sydney Goering - Tennis

Valiant Women X BBCHS Clubs and Activities

March 24. 2021

  • For our final series of Student Spotlights for National Women’s History Month, we get the opportunity to feature some of the Valiant Women involved in our clubs and activities. We are so lucky to call these students Boilermakers and we are excited to be able to share their stories.

  • Johanna Palomar

  • Anna Stephens

  • Maci Rehborg

  • Callie Huffman

  • Keira Botica

  • RyLeigh Shaul

  • Mackenzie Shride