Student Support Team (SST)

  • Helping Students Find the Path to Success

    The BBCHS Student Support Team is a component of the coordinated Multi-Tiered System of Support. The team is comprised of teachers, student service staff, and administrators who collaborate to develop goals and action plans for individual students who are struggling to successfully meet the academic, social or behavioral expectations of school.

    The goal of the Problem Solving Team is to identify and assist students whose behavior, attendance, health and/or academic performance indicate that they may have difficulty achieving success in school.

    The Problem Solving Team utilizes a problem solving model with an emphasis on student strengths and assets to implement, monitor and evaluate interventions for referred students. Plans are developed with the input of the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s). Parent(s)/guardian(s) may be invited to attend a team meeting in further support of their student’s success.


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