Technology Department

  • Mission Statement

    The Technology department will provide technology-related services of the highest quality in the most cost-effective manner to facilitate the mission of BBCHS as it applies to management, teaching, learning, student services, and community service.

    To accomplish this, the Information Technology Systems department shall:

    • provide a reliable, robust, and secure technological infrastructure
    • support the use of technology to enable academic innovation in the areas of traditional and on-line teaching and learning
    • facilitate the collection, storage, security, integrity, and access of electronic data
    • anticipate and satisfy the needs of BBCHS and the community in a timely and efficient manner
    • develop and foster a community that is adaptable to technological changes and resilient to technological mishaps and disasters
    • promote a high level of employee dedication to provide professional customer service, support, and satisfaction
    • provide leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology
  • Network Our network connects over 2,500 devices to the internet daily utilizing an internet connection of 4Gbps
  • Assets BBCHS Technology department manages almost 4,000 assets
  • The BBCHS Technology Department is currently in the process of implementing the Center for Internet Security Controls to protect our organization and data from known cyber attack vectors. We are also in the process of implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to better understand, manage, and reduce our cybersecurity risks.

    Cybersecurity Framework CIS Controls


  • Kronos
  • Staff Infinite Campus
  • Technology Helpdesk
  • Maintenance Workorders
  • Absence Management