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Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School District 307



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Last Name First Email Department Title Phone
Abrassart Kim KAbrassart@bbchs.org Food Services Director of Food Services 815-937-3707 x6080
Akerman Meagan MAkerman@bbchs.org Science Teacher/ Department Chair 815-937-3707 x6409
Alcorn Shelley SAlcorn@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Altenberger Cindy CAltenberger@bbchs.org Fine Arts Teacher 815-937-3707 x6251
Amberg Christine CAmberg@bbchs.org Counseling Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6041
Anderson Brian BAnderson@bbchs.org Physical Education PE Teacher 815-937-3707 x6151
Arthur Rhonda RArthur@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Baron Jennifer JBaron@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Blake Laurie LBlake@bbchs.org Main Office Executive Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6003
Bess Kaelyn KBess@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6504
Blahut Andrew ABlahut@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6459
Boseo Tina TBoseo@bbchs.org Counseling Counselor 815-937-3707 x6042
Boudreau Kyle KBoudreau@bbchs.org Physical Education PE Teacher 815-937-3707 x6152
Boudreau Scot SBoudreau@bbchs.org Physical Education PE Teacher 815-937-3707 x6153
Breitenbucher Karla KBreitenbucher@bbchs.org Career Technical Teacher /Department Chair 815-937-3707 x6103
Bretzlaff Katie KBretzlaff@bbchs.org Fine Arts Teacher 815-937-3707 x6252
Brummit Debbie DBrummit@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Cable Martha MCable@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Carey Kelly KCarey@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6215
Caron Sue SCaron@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Cohagan Tori TCohagan@bbchs.org Fine Arts Teacher 815-937-3707 x6257
Cook Amy ACook@bbchs.org Physical Education PE Teacher 815-937-3707 x6164
Coppenbarger Mary MCoppenbarger@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6205
Crabtree Sue SCrabtree@bbchs.org Special Services Work Program Coordinator 815-937-3707 x6055
Downey Abby ADiehl@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher / Ignite Program 815-937-3707 x6503
Dorsam Michael MDorsam@bbchs.org Library Director of Library/Communication Teacher 815-937-3707 x6061
Dowling Kary KDowling@bbchs.org Support Staff Assessment Center Coordinator 815-937-3707 x6155
Drake Paul PDrake@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6505
Dudek Freddie FDudek@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6506
Dudek Jena JDudek@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6522
Dunnill Kelly KDunnill@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6352
Duval Dana DDuval@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6519
Dyche Bill BDyche@bbchs.org Fine Arts Band Director / Department Char 815-937-3707 x6253
Ekhoff Andy AEkhoff@bbchs.org Technology Network Administrator 815-937-3707 x6075
Fightmaster Jill JFightmaster@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6202
Flowers Jeremy JFlowers@bbchs.org Physical Education PE Teacher 815-937-3707 x6157
Gaytan Trisha TGaytan@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x5356
Gifford Sherri SGifford@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Goering Jody JGoering@bbchs.org Technology Technology Director 815-937-3707 x6078
Gould Daniel DGould@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6203
Hagenow Amy AHagenow@bbchs.org Student Affairs Nurse 815-937-3707 x6019
Hamilton Margie MHamilton@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Hammond Amanda AHammond@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6507
Hammond Christopher CHammond@bbchs.org Administration Business Manager 815-937-3707 x6002
Hampton Lisa LHampton@bbchs.org Library Library Aide 815-937-3707 x6064
Hampton Mark MHampton@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6357
Hartman Jennifer JHartman@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Heddins Rebecca RHeddins@bbchs.org Special Education Para-Professional 815-937-3707 x6508
Schnepp Amber AHesslau@bbchs.org Special Services School Psychologist 815-937-3707 x6043
Hines Laura LHines@bbchs.org Main Office Communications/HR Assistant 815-937-3707 x6011
Holderman Angie AHolderman@bbchs.org Career Technical Teacher 815-937-3707 x6106
Hosek Christine CHosek@bbchs.org Fine Arts Teacher 815-937-3707 x6254
Howard Debra DHoward@bbchs.org Counseling Counselor 815-937-3707 x6034
Howard Mark DHoward@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6358
Hyde Dr. Gary DHyde@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6456
Januski Laurie DHyde@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6457
Jasmin Linda LJasmin@bbchs.org Special Education Title I Reading Teacher 815-937-3707 x6219
Loszach Jessica JJermolowicz@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6355
Jones Shelly SJones@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Kashanitz Anne AKashanitz@bbchs.org Counseling Counselor 815-937-3707 x6036
D'Aversa Chelsea CKaufman@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6206
King Cheryl CKing@bbchs.org Fine Arts Choir Director 815-937-3707 x6255
Klimchuk John JKlimchuk@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6511
Kohl Mike MiKohl@bbchs.org Physical Education PE Teacher / Assistant AD 815-937-3707 x6158
Kohl Tiffany TKohl@bbchs.org Administration Director of Curriculum & Instruction/Grants 815-937-3707 x6007
Koschnitzky John JKoschnitzky@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6455
Kubal Joe JKubal@bbchs.org Administration Assistant Principal 815-937-3707 x6463
Kwedar Ben BKwedar@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6460
Lacy Eileen ELacy@bbchs.org Fine Arts Teacher 815-937-3707 x6256
Lambert Deanna DLambert@bbchs.org Special Services Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6058
Lamie Dave DLamie@bbchs.org Counseling Counselor 815-937-3707 x6037
LaRocque Dolly DLaRocque@bbchs.org Technology SIS Specialist 815-937-3707 x6039
Sherman Dr. Candace CWells@bbchs.org Administration Director of Special Services/Homeless Liason 815-937-3707 x6057
Lindo Katie KLindo@bbchs.org Physical Education PE Teacher 815-937-3707 x6165
Lippoldt Kate KLippoldt@bbchs.org Main Office RtI Coordinator 815-937-3707 x6101
Longtin Linda LLongtin@bbchs.org Student Affairs Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6023
Lord Chris CLord@bbchs.org Fine Arts Department Accompanist / Choral Assistant 815-937-3707 x6259
Luhrsen Dave DLuhrsen@bbchs.org Counseling Counselor/Drivers Ed Coordinator 815-937-3707 x6033
McCoy Amanda AMcCoy@bbchs.org World Languages French Teacher 815-937-3707 x6304
McGovern Donna DMcGovern@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6513
McGowen Karen KMcGowen@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6213
McLain Matthew MMcLain@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6353
Williams Brittany BWilliams@bbchs.org Fine Arts Orchestra Director 815-937-3707 x6261
Morgan David DMorgan@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6214
Neumann Heather HNeumann@bbchs.org Special Services Social Worker 815-937-3707 x6053
Niezgoda Joe JNiezgoda@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6223
Olsen Tara TOlsen@bbchs.org World Languages Teacher / Department Chair 815-937-3707 x6305
Olshefski Cathy Colshefski@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6361
Paarlberg Janet Jpaarlberg@bbchs.org Student Affairs Attendance Clerk 815-937-3707 x6021
Parris Jennifer JParris@bbchs.org Administration Director of Counseling 815-937-3707 x6031
Patterson Kevin KPatterson@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6585
Peterson Brooke BPeterson@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6220
Peterson Kevin KPeterson@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher / Department Chair 815-937-3707 x6516
Phillips Jennifer JPhillips@bbchs.org Main Office Assistant Bookkeeper 815-937-3707 x6005
Plunkett Maureen MPlunkett@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6523
Polsley Megan MPolsley@bbchs.org World Languages Spanish Teacher 815-937-3707 x6307
Powell Kristen KPowell@bbchs.org Special Services Social Worker 815-937-3707 x6056
Renchen Alex ARenchen@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6410
Rewerts Laura LRewerts@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6406
Ruffolo Vikki VRuffolo@bbchs.org Main Office Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6009
Ryan Colleen CoRyan@bbchs.org Special Services Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6011
Ryan Craig CRyan@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6518
Sadler Bill BSadler@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6411
Schneider Katie KSchneider@bbchs.org Counseling Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6040
Schreiner Jim JSchreiner@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6413
Sheely Craig CSheely@bbchs.org Career Technical Teacher 815-937-3707 x6108
Shepherd Bobbi BShepherd@bbchs.org Main Office Bookkeeper 815-937-3707 x6004
Sikma Ben BSikma@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6359
Sikma Jon JSikma@bbchs.org World Languages Spanish Teacher 815-937-3707 x6306
Smith Bryan BSmith@bbchs.org Physical Education Teacher /Department Chair 815-937-3707 x6161
Smothers Andrew ASMothers@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6221
Stanek Jeffrey JStanek@bbchs.org Physical Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6162
Stone Mike MStone@bbchs.org Transportation Director of Transportation 815-937-3707 x6085
Stover Stacy SStover@bbchs.org Counseling Counselor 815-937-3707 x6035
Swafford Tony TSwafford@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6414
Tingley Evan ETingley@bbchs.org Administration Assistant Principal 815-937-3707 x6017
VandenHout Kelly KVandenHout@bbchs.org Atheletics Atheletics Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6047
Vogel Adam AVogel@bbchs.org Physical Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6160
Wadley Doug DWadley@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher / Department Chair 815-937-3707 x6462
Wakeley Dr. Scott swakeley@bbchs.org  Administration Superintendent 815-937-3707 x6001
Easoz Lauren LWatters@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6211
White Robert RWhite@bbchs.org Science Assistant Curriculm Director 815-937-3707 x6415
Wilkins Carol CWilkins@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Williams David DWilliams@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6364
Williams Renee RWilliams@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher / Department Chair 815-937-3707 x6365
Wright Dr. Brian BWright@bbchs.org Administration Principal 815-937-3707 x6006
Wunder Steve SWunder@bbchs.org Counseling Counselor 815-937-3707 x6032
Jaenicke Jessica JJaenicke@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6217
Yonke Kathy KYonke@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6520
Youssef Sara SYoussef@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6461
Zimbelman Robert RZimbelman@bbchs.org Administration  Assistant Principal 815-937-3707 x6016
Zipper Alison AZipper@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6453
Bart Liz Lbart@bbchs.org Physical Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6155
Belseth Christa CBelseth@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6209
Dryfhout Tammi Tdryfhout@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6412
Forbes Adina Aforbes@bbchs.org Mathematics  Teacher 815-937-3707 x6368
Kulacz Natalie NKulacz@bbchs.org Career Technical Teacher 815-937-3707 x6105
LeDuke Jennifer Jleducke@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6524
Romano Dana Dromano@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6454
Salkeld Alexa Asalkeld@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6526
Smith Tim TiSmith@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6366
Caise Emily Ecaise@bbchs.org Special Education Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Lamie Justine JLamie@bbchs.org Special Education Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Lamore Kelly Klamore@bbchs.org Special Education Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Willis Karen Kwillis@bbchs.org Special Services Speech Pathologist 815-937-3707
Drimonas Loula Ldrimonas@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x 6451
Swank Jennifer jswank@bbchs.org Special Services Social Worker 815-937-3707 x6052
Toole Roslin RToole@bbchs.org Special Services Speech Pathologist 815-937-3707 x6054
Wilson Sheri shwilson@bbchs.org Special Education Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Schweigert Brad Bschweigert@bbcsh.org Physical Education Teacher 815-937-3707  x6159
Carroll Meghan MCarroll@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6501
Mohammad Maha MMohammad@bbchs.org Career Technical Teacher 815-937-3707 x6105
Soosh Samantha SSoosh@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6521
Fox Matt Mfox@bbchs.org Math Teacher 815-937-3707 x6354
Narish Kelsey Knarish@bbchs.org World Languages Teacher 815-937-3707 x6303
Fagan Peter PFagan@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6403
Petyko Amanda Apetyko@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x
Fullerton Tiffany TFullerton@bbchs.org Student Affairs Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6022
Kubicki Jana JKubicki@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6512
Lacher Nathan Nlacher@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6452
Murray Bryan Bmurray@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6510
Schmidt Jennifer Jschmidt@bbchs.org Career Technical Teacher 815-937-3707 x6102
Fredericks Ryan RFredericks@bbchs.org Maintenance Maintenance/Grounds Director 815-937-3707 x6070
Campbell Dirk Dcampbell@bbchs.org Athletics Athletic Director 815-937-3707 x6046
Kemp Ryan RKemp@bbchs.org Administration Assistant Principal 815-937-3707 x6018
Kruse Cathy CKruse@bbchs.org Main Office Administrative Assistant 815-937-3707 x6008
LaMarr Naomi NLamarr@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Shule Ryelie RShule@bbchs.org Special Services Para-Professional 815-937-3707
Lamie Perla PLamie@bbchs.org Technology Technology Assistant 815-937-3707 x6074
Martino Joe JMartino@bbchs.org Student Affairs Safety Monitor 815-937-3707
Pasquale Leech PLeech@bbchs.org Maintenance Maintenance/Grounds 815-937-3707 x6070
Shoffstall Freddy FShoffstall@bbchs.org World Languages Teacher 815-937-3707 x6302
Fadke Allison AFadke@bbchs.org WorldLanguages Teacher 815-937-3707 x6303
Beck Haylee HBeck@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6363
Boros Lindsey LBoros@bbchs.org English Teacher 815-937-3707 x6207
Fischer Stacy SFischer@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 6515
Sylvester Paige PSylvester@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6517
Thomas Brad BThomas@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6464
Blucker Amy ABlucker@bbchs.org Physical Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6163
Spiwak Michael MSpiwak@bbchs.org Mathematics Teacher 815-937-3707 x6362
Walker Stephanie SWalker@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6401
Keppner Cody CKeppner@bbchs.org Social Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6458
Akerman Ken KAkerman@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6407
Schumer Ellen ESchumer@bbchs.org Special Education Teacher 815-937-3707 x6521