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Maddox Reid





Our Mission

The primary goal of the Science Department at Bradley-Bourbonnais High School is to support the school's mission of preparing students to lead successful lives by helping them to: 

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Solve problems resourcefully
  • Use technology effectively
  • Work cooperatively
  • Develop as self-directed learners
To accomplish this goal, the science department implements a diverse, equitable curriculum aligned to the District Standards and the ISBE Science Frameworks. A staff of fourteen teachers work diligently to educate students in twenty-three science programs. The teachers emphasize high expectations for all students. They create a learning environment that focuses on conceptual learning and engages students in meaningful activities that enable them to apply and communicate their knowledge. Technology is used as a tool to help all students actively learn science.  Some classes have adopted a “Flipped Classroom” approach to teaching which uses varied instructional strategies and scientific technologies to enable students to develop as self-directed learners.

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55085baf22982Science LabMaddox Reid

Maddox Reid

Science Lab


The science teachers at BBCHS are all very passionate about science and helping students share in that passion. We are always looking to develop and implement new ideas and methods to help us with that goal. We offer many opportunities for students to gain an appreciation for science both in and out of the classroom.  We have 14 science teachers in the department, all of which are highly qualified to teach science in high school. Twelve out of the fourteen of our science teachers hold at least one Master’s Degree.  In addition, one teacher is Nationally Board Certified. With all of this knowledge and experience, we are constantly working to improve our student’s experience in science while at BBCHS. 

Our course offerings are currently Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Ecology, and Advanced placement Biology and Chemistry.   Other science opportunities include Ecology club and SWSC Science Competition. BBCHS Science teachers also get involved in community events like the IKAN Family Fun-a-thon to share their passion with younger students and the community. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or any of the science teachers if you have any questions or concerns about BBCHS science. We welcome input and appreciate the support you provide to us and to your students. Together we will be successful in helping inspire our future scientists, engineers, and productive members of society!

Science Courses
by Grade level


Biology I
Biology I (Honors)



Chemistry I
Chemistry I (Honors)


Human Anatomy & Physiology
Physics (Honors)
A.P. Biology
A.P. Physics


Human Anatomy & Physiology
Physics (Honors)
A.P. Biology
A.P. Physics
A.P. Chemistry

Courses are available for both college bound and technical students, which integrate hands-on, lab activities, cooperative learning, and technology to help teach scientific concepts.  Laboratory experiences are provided at each grade level.

State of the art lab facilities allow students to gain experience with modern laboratory techniques and procedures.

Elective courses are available for grades 11&12 including Anatomy and Physiology.  Honors and weighted courses are available for grades 9 through 12.  Advanced Placement Biology and Chemistry are offered to prepare students for the College A.P. Exam. A.P. Chemistry is also a dual credit course, which allows students to earn up to 8 college credits through KCC tuition free, at the same time they are earning High School credits.


Last Name First Email Department Title Phone
Akerman Meagan MAkerman@bbchs.org Science Teacher/ Department Chair 815-937-3707 x6409
Akerman Ken KAkerman@bbchs.org Science Teacher  815-937-3707 x6407
Dryfhout Tammi Tdryfhout@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6412
Fagan Peter PFagan@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6403
Petyko Amanda Apetyko@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x
Renchen Alex ARenchen@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6410
Rewerts Laura LRewerts@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6406
Sadler Bill BSadler@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6411
Schreiner Jim JSchreiner@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6413
Schroeder Barb BSchroeder@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6402
Swafford Tony TSwafford@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6414
Walker Stephanie SWalker@bbchs.org Science Teacher 815-937-3707 x6401
White Robert RWhite@bbchs.org Science Assistant Curriculm Director 815-937-3707 x6415

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